The very first ammonia chiller exhibited in Germany

The first ammonia chiller, created in 1876 by Carl von Linde, will be exhibited from June in a new museum in Regensburg.

In the new museum that will open in June in Regensburg, Germany, the very first ammonia chiller will be given pride of place.


This machine, which weighs nearly 6 tons and is more than 2 metres high, will be one of the biggest pieces of the museum.


Its use has revolutionised the production of lager. Indeed, some low fermentation beers require temperatures below 9°C. These temperatures are difficult to obtain during the warmer months. The machine displayed in Regensburg was used by the Dreher brewery in Trieste.


Consisting of two vertical cylinders, the cooler is equipped with an ammonia compressor and uses glycerin as a sealer. It was used until 1908.


The Regensburg Museum is dedicated to the history of Bavaria, whose beer is a cultural emblem.


The Linde Group has been a collective member of the IIR since 1973.